Round Rock, Texas Named #1 City in America To Live In

Oct 9, 2023 | Local

When you were young, moving wasn’t a big deal. You just packed up your belongings when your lease ended, and moved to a new place. Things are probably more complicated now that you’re more established. You likely will have to sell a home first, and then, of course, buy a new one.

That means that you’ll be putting a lot more thought into moving, especially if you have a family to consider. And you probably have a list of everything you’re looking for in the perfect city. Well, look no further, because Round Rock, Texas was recently named the #1 city in America to live in.

Where Is Round Rock, Texas?

Round Rock, Texas is a mid-sized city in Central Texas, located about 19 miles from Austin. Its smaller size and distance from the bigger city of Austin make it a less congested, less expensive and more home-like place to live than the capital city. It’s close enough to Austin that you can head there to do things, but you might not feel the need. There are tons of things going on in Round Rock every week, as well as some popular annual events.

Why Is Round Rock, TX the #1 City in America To Live In?

If you’re looking for warm weather, a lower living cost (compared to the national average), and easy access to outdoor recreation and other things to do, Texas is a great choice. Round Rock in particular has a lot of excellent qualities. That’s why personal finance website named it the #1 City on its America’s Best Places To Live In 2023 list.

Bankrate used data across five categories to determine the rankings of the list: well-being, job markets, affordability, migration and diversity.

Round Rock Citizens Have a High Level of Well-Being

To measure well-being in each city, Bankrate used data from the Sharecare Community Well-Being Index. Sharecare’s research is based on millions of surveys from across the country, measuring factors like physical and emotional health, financial security, access to health care, access to food resources, community pride and more.

Why are Round Rockers doing so well? One reason is that 80% of residents live within a 10-minute walk of a public park.

Another reason that Round Rock has a high level of well-being is that the city provides its people with free community resources meant to foster the well-being of families and the overall community. These include practical resources like a tool lending center and curb painting and fence staining kits, as well as fun things that build community pride, like a neighborhood movie chest and even a block party trailer full of party supplies.

Low Unemployment and Good Job Market in Round Rock, TX

To rate the job markets in each city, Bankrate analyzed two sets of data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They found that the Round Rock area has a low unemployment rate and a high number of total employees, contributing to its #1 spot on the list.

Bankrate also notes that Round Rock is a “tech hub,” meaning that you won’t necessarily have to commute to Austin for work if that’s your niche. Dell Technologies is headquartered here, and companies like Switch and Emerson also call Round Rock home.

Round Rock, TX Is an Affordable Place To Live

Bankrate used three sets of data to determine affordability: cost of living, average income and median home-sale price. From this data, they determined that Round Rock is an overall more affordable place to live, compared to other cities in America.

About the cost of living in Round Rock, Bankrate says:

“The city’s cost of living comes in significantly lower than the national average, proving that not everything is bigger in Texas. Buying a home here now is likely to pay off in the future, too: Round Rock’s population is projected to grow by nearly 75,000 people by 2040 – quite the jump from the 119,000 people who lived here in 2020.”

More People Are Moving to Round Rock

One of the factors that Bankrate measures when it compiles its annual list is net migration – that is, how many people are moving to (and out of) certain cities? They used data from the U.S. Census Bureau to determine that Round Rock’s net migration rate makes it a desirable place to live.

One reason for the city’s good migration rate could be the highly ranked public schools.

Round Rock Has Diversity

Bankrate used U.S. Census Bureau data to determine that Round Rock is a culturally diverse area, which “contributes to the cultural richness of an area” – a sought-after trait for many people.

Round Rock is home to annual events that celebrate its cultural diversity, including the Diwali Festival and Dia De Los Muertos Festival & Parade.

Our city also ensures that our community members with disabilities have the support and resources they need, including a Play For All Abilities Park, which provides a “safe, fun place to play and develop new skills for children of all abilities.”

Smaller Is Better

At Sundara, we believe that smaller is better. That’s why we’re proud to call Round Rock, Texas home – and why we’ve consciously chosen to build a smaller, more intimate memory care community. If you’re planning on moving, we can’t recommend Round Rock enough. Our community here is welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic – and continues to excite us more and more every day. 

And if you need to relocate a loved one with dementia, or may need to transition them to memory care in the future, we’re your #1 choice in the Round Rock area.

Sundara is special because we really care. Our smaller environment means that our care team can really connect with each and every resident. We have the ability to get to know each person, their likes and dislikes and their unique story. We share our residents’ favorite meals with them, celebrate holidays alongside them and encourage them to never give up that zest for life.

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Real estate expert and broker Frances Katzen talks about why Round Rock snagged the #1 spot on Bankrate’s America’s Best Places To Live in 2023 list.