Sundara FAQs

Does Sundara Offer End of Life Care?

Yes, with the assistance of Hospice.

Does Sundara accept medicaid/medicare

No. Medicare does not pay for housing.

Medicaid is accepted at Nursing Homes.

For more information on the differences of government care and how to get help paying for private care, schedule an appointment to meet with our team. 

What type of care is available at Sundara Round Rock?

Sundara offers Assisted Living care which encompasses the 5 Activities of Daily Living (Bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring and eating assistance.

In addition, we do ALL of the Medication supervision.

Sundara Round Rock is a Memory Care community only, meaning we specifically provide dementia care. As a memory care facility, we carry two licenses, one for assisted living and one specifically for dementia care.

What is memory care; how is it different from assisted living?

All of the residents in the Sundara community have some form of memory loss.

In addition, the staff at Sundara is highly trained to take care of dementia residents, assisted living staffing is not.

What are the onsite medical options at Sundara?

Sundara is not a medical model, we bring all medical options into the house, including: a house call Doctor, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, mobile lab, mobile x-ray, mobile podiatry, mobile dentistry, pharmacy and any medical professional associated with these disciplines.

What are the visiting hours at Sundara Round Rock?

At Sundara, we believe there is no such thing as visiting hours in your loved one’s community.

This is home, not a medical institution. Visitors are always welcome!

What are the staff to resident ratios?

Sundara provides as many staff members as it takes to provide the services outlined in a resident’s service plan: Sundara has a Medication Aide on-site 24/7.

Depending on the time of day, and our census, our “ratios” fluctuate. When fully occupied (16 residents), between the hours of 7am to 11pm, there are 2 CNA’s and 1 Medication Aide.

Between the hours of 11pm to 7am there is a CNA in each house and a Medication Aide that floats between each house.

In addition to the medical staff, there is an Executive Director in each house Monday through Friday.

Does Sundara have private rooms available?

Yes, with a private bath and shower.

Are residents allowed to bring their own furniture?

Yes, it is expected and encouraged!

Does Sundara allow residents to bring their pets to live with them?


What does Sundara’s “All Inclusive” fee structure include?

Everything except toiletries and briefs (if required).

Rent, utilities, three meals a day, three snacks a day, phone, cable, housekeeping, laundry, activities and anything else required for each resident to feel at home are included.

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HHSC Information

Texas Health & Human Services License information For Sundara Senior Living:

House 1 – License No. 107060
House 2 – License No. 107062

A long-term care ombudsman helps residents of a nursing facility and residents of an assisted living facility resolve complaints. Help provided by an ombudsman is confidential and free of charge. To speak with an ombudsman, a person may call the toll-free number 1 800-252-2412.