Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

Can I keep them safe?

What is going to happen next?


When is the right time?

Mother. Father. Husband. Wife. Brother. Sister. Grandparent.

Your loved ones mean the world to you. Their stories, their greatest moments and their preferences all make them uniquely valuable. Sundara goes beyond other senior care facilities by focusing on the details that matter to our residents; like who prefers their hair braided or brushed, who likes to rise early or sleep late, and how they take their coffee and eggs. So, all you need to focus on is what’s important – your relationship.

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Is it Dementia?

The early warning signs and common types of dementia.

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When is the Right Time?

Moving your loved one into long-term care.

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Common legal and financial planning tips.

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We’re the Best Around for Memory Care. Period.

The needs of people with serious memory issues require a specialized environment. Your loved one’s quality of life depends on getting this right. Larger, louder facilities with more bells and whistles can often be a detriment to what this population actually needs. Sundara is intentionally designed to offer what’s important while removing the things that cause undo anxiety, agitation and confusion. When home is no longer the best environment, choose Sundara and take comfort that you’ve made the best choice for your loved one. 

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Family Testimonials

“If you’re familiar with dementia or Alzheimer’s, it seems that a simple but overlooked concept is that people who have memory loss thrive in a smaller community setting. Sundara’s design for a smaller, more intimate setting allows for a better quality of life with those diagnosed with memory loss.”

“Outstanding care and concern for residents. Have never seen this type of care and love as shown to their residents. It’s truly a home environment.”


“From the small, home-like environment to the individualized Care each resident receives, Kelli and her staff have thought of everything. Her deep knowledge of the disease process coupled with her caring spirit, she gives every family the personal touch they need. I recommend this community as often as I can.”