Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

Will I be Able to Keep Them Safe,

and what is going to happen next?


How will I know

when it’s the right time for a transition?

Mother. Father. Husband. Wife. Brother. Sister. Grandparent.

Your loved ones mean the world to you. Their stories, their greatest moments and their preferences make them unique. At Sundara, we understand this, which is why we focus on the details like who likes their hair braided or brushed, who prefers to rise early or sleep late, and how do they take their coffee and eggs. What matters to our residents and their families matters to us, so all you need to focus on is what’s important – your relationship.

Right Place. Right Choice. Right Value.

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Is it Dementia?

The early warning signs and common types of dementia.

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When is the Right Time?

Moving your loved one into long-term care.

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Can I afford it?

Common legal and financial planning tips.

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Your loved one’s quality of life depends on getting this right. At Sundara, it starts with our community, which was designed as two private residences that present a familiar sense of scale and comfort while minimizing overstimulation, confusion, and anxiety. This allows us to interact more consistently and naturally throughout the day, resulting in a sense of security and stability that is literally handcrafted by the owners and staff each and every day. When home is no longer the best environment, your loved one will find amazing care at Sundara.

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Right Place. Right Choice. Right Value.

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Family Testimonials

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“I can’t say enough about Sundara! The facility is simply the best. The facility is open, clean, bright and open. But most important, Kelli has put together a staff second to none. Everyone, including Kelli, are engaging with the residents, caring, compassionate and respectful. They are all concerned about the well being of the residents.”

Jerry Vance

“A caring place where your loved one will be treated as an individual and not one of many. If you have to make this difficult choice, give them a call and they will be happy to show you around.”

H. Young

It’s really hard to summarize just how great a home Sundara has been for my mom. Kelli and her fantastic staff have guided, encouraged and helped in too many ways to list. Knowing your loved one is being cared for by professionals trained to care for their special needs is such a relief, we are all able to enjoy her and no longer have the heavy burden of 24/7 care.

Amanda Anders