Our Community in Round Rock

Memory Care is all we do…and we’re really good at it

Intentionally designed to provide a more intimate environment, Sundara Memory Care allows residents and staff to interact more naturally, frequently and consistently. This has been shown to reduce anxiety and agitation through familiarity and structure for our residents. Each of our homes is limited to 16 residents, which promotes a degree of familiarity and a sense of comfort, stability and security unmatched at larger communities.

Each staff member at Sundara, from the owners to the care staff, is specialized and trained to care for residents with cognitive impairments. Because Sundara is a smaller, intentionally designed layout in a more home-like environment, the transition to Memory Care is smoother, the relationships between the residents, staff and families are more cohesive and in-depth compared to a much larger community.

Our “Life Culture” is one of simple purpose driven activities and programs designed around each resident. Our staff and residents share not only personal care, but meals, activities and programs that are specifically planned to create more comforting routines, and at a level that allows for the success of each resident. This promotes happier and healthier residents with a lower level of anxiety