The Sundara Story

Several years ago, our founders discovered we shared the belief that senior care could be vastly improved. We began by asking a simple question – what we would want for our parents? We knew that excellent care did not need to be so expensive, or come in a variety of packages and programs with fancy names or costly features.

We were just as frustrated by poor staff quality, high turnover rates and a corporate approach focused on profits. So we changed things.

With significant research indicating the people diagnosed with dementia or some other memory disorder generally do better in a smaller and more intimate setting, we designed our communities as a smaller, more intimate residence. This encourages far more proactive, observationally-based interactions, engagement, and structure throughout the full course of the day, vastly improving the quality of life of our residents. At Sundara, it’s this human touch, this sense of connection, not just service, that drives our commitment.

Excellent care, of course, begins with excellent staff. We take immense care in screening and selecting the most dedicated people, and support them with a rigorous training program that includes specialized as well as general life skills, continuing education, next-level certifications and advancement within the Sundara family.

We do not use third-party managers or have a multi-level management structure. Everyone, including our owners, is an active participant in the well-being of our residents, ensuring an unmatched level of consistency, accountability, and responsiveness.

Finally, we recognize that value has become difficult to find in senior care, but we are bringing it back. We do not charge for levels of care, or believe in add-on fees and upcharges. Our pricing is simple – fixed and all-inclusive, allowing families to budget with confidence and certainty. Best of all, our fees are lower, making exceptional care more affordable for more families.

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