The Sundara Story

With over 60 years of combined senior care experience, our owners set out to address the
biggest challenges facing seniors and their families – rising costs, high staff and management turnover, and overly complicated and confusing care options. We started with less – less
confusion, less complication and less cost, so we could focus on the more important things, like
getting to know our residents as individuals – their histories, their stories, their greatest
moments, as well as the small things, like who prefers their hair braided or brushed, who likes to
rise early or sleep late, and how they take their coffee and eggs.
Here are some things you will not find at Sundara. You won’t find a high-pressure sales
director who jumps from facility to facility without ever getting involved in caring for residents.
That’s like buying a car from someone who doesn’t know how to drive. We don’t have fancy
brochures with photos of fake residents that showcase fancy names activity programs and
meal plans. We believe that caring is a 24-hour job that can’t be packaged into a 20-hour
weekly program, no matter how fancy the name, and that dinner is still just dinner, the way it is
at home. You definitely won’t find managers who can’t give a straight answer – there is no
corporate structure to contend with, nor a corporate approach that tries to fit you into their
At Sundara, you will find the owners alongside the staff, not only because we bring a personal
sense of caring rooted in accountability and responsibility, but because we enjoy it. We like to
have fun and share it with our residents. We absolutely love to laugh and smile. We believe in
the power of touch, where hugs become just a part of our natural routine. Given everything
that makes Sundara unique, it’s easy to do.

Finally, we recognize that value has become difficult to find in senior care, but we are bringing it back. We do not charge for levels of care, or believe in add-on fees and upcharges. Our pricing is simple – fixed and all-inclusive, allowing families to budget with confidence and certainty. Best of all, our fees are lower, making exceptional care more affordable for more families.

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