Family Testimonials

Sundara Senior Living has the highest possible recommendation I can provide. My father, who suffered from the effects of Lewy Body Dementia, was requiring 24 hour care as of November of 2021. After looking diligently for a quality facility for my him, the choice for our family was quite easy once I met with Kelli Hudson.

She explained the process and patiently answered all my questions during our initial meeting. She then had a follow up meeting with my mother, sister, and brother-in-law to completely put them at ease. (after I informed them that this was my first choice)

Her incredible staff, especially Karen Jones, offers amazing and quality care for your loved one. It is set up more like a large home than a large nursing facility. They only allow a small amount of residents, but it allows them to have more one on one type care. The kitchen staff provides made to order meals for them and they supply many activities to keep them active and engaged.

My father only spent 3 and a half months there. I felt solace in that he was fully cared for until the very end. Sundara also helped our family arrange for Concho Hearts Hospice to assist him during his final few weeks. Their Hospice staff was equally incredible.

If you are needing a place for your loved one that needs high quality memory care, I would definitely suggest you meet with them first.

Joe Delgado

It’s really hard to summarize just how great a home Sundara has been for my mom. We moved her into Sundara last year after trying to keep her in our home but quickly realized we were not going to be able to give her the specialized care she required. Kelli and her fantastic staff have guided, encouraged and helped in too many ways to list.

Knowing your loved one is being cared for by professionals trained to care for their special needs is such a relief. Visiting my mom has become such a joy, we are all able to enjoy her and no longer have the heavy burned of 24/7 care.

The staff has always treated my mom with such dignity and respect. I appreciate how they give each resident specialized care, there is no one size fits all approach. I recommend Sundara to anyone else who has a loved one who needs memory care.

Amanda Anders

My godmother has been here for six months. They are loving and caring, helping persons with memory issues transition as painlessly as possible. She helps out around the place doing small chores that help keep her engaged. The staff is thoughtful and careful, and the access to medical care and other services is timely.

Sundara is different from other places in that some activities are provided but the residents really are treated with individual care and planning.

Blaine McNutt

We finally found a home for mom. After having gone through an emergency move out from her previous facility, she has settled in very nicely and is happier than we’ve have seen her in years. She had become very withdrawn and uncommunicative which we were told was just a normal part of her decline with her condition. She has advanced dementia and has declined to a point of being immobile and relies completely on caregivers to do everything for her. We had wanted to move her before but were told moving her would be very dangerous so, we were afraid.

Finally we had no choice due to her failing condition and them not keeping up with her needs. Staff at Sundara have been amazing. They smile and talk to family members, and other staff, as well as their residents. It is owner operated and the owners truly show that they care about the resident well being as well as their physical being and they show it every day.

My mother is Japanese and the one joy she had in life was enjoying the rituals and foods of her culture. Sundara is the first residence that has embraced her culture difference and been willing to nurture those needs and it shows in my mothers change. She smiles again, she communicates again and she is content where she lives again and that is everything for any aging parent who has already been stripped of life when they have dementia. The icing on the cake though, along with nurturing her emotional needs, is keeping her out of bed and engaged with things she enjoys instead of just parking her wheelchair in a party environment, which she never enjoyed in real life.

They keep her fed, they are excellent at keeping both her and her room clean and cared for, she now gets her medication when she needs it there keeping her hydrated (even making her her favorite Japanese green tea), and they keep her dressed like any normal person.


My family moved my Dad to Sundara in May 2019. We would have never made it through the process of getting my Dad there had it not been for Kelli and her staff. The transition time for my Dad has been very difficult for him but the team at Sundara has worked really hard to help him adjust to his new environment. The team has provided so much support to us as we have struggled with the changes that Alzheimer’s has brought to our Dad.

We can rest better each day as we know Dad is safe, getting his required medication, getting regular meals and there is always someone close by keeping an eye on the residents. Dad being at Sundara has reduced our stress and concern for his well being. Great Team.

Elise R.

Better than the rest!!!

My mother suffers from advanced Dementia and we recently moved her into Sundara. The difference to her happiness has been amazing to see. She is from another culture and we had struggled to find a facility who was willing to cater to those differences, when it comes to the foods she still loves, but Sundara’s staff have been happy to prepare her favorite foods so that she can feel like she’s at home and that has made a big difference for her.

Their staff is the most caring that we’ve seen and we have tried four other facilities. They keep her clean and dry. They keep her room clean and tidy. My mother is wheel chair bound and helpless to care for herself. We have finally found a place that actually takes care of her physically, mentally, and spiritually. Mom is finally at home.


We love Sundara! They have taken such good care of my Mom for the past year. She feels safe and well cared for there. Everyone is very loving toward all the residents.

Lisa S.

I highly recommend Sundara to anyone seeking the best care for their loved one. Kelly and her wonderful staff have been taking care of my Mom for over 6 months and I have been extremely pleased with her care.

The staff is highly trained and treat all of the residents with the utmost courtesy and respect. They provide gentle, loving care in a beautiful and safe environment.

I live out of state and am only able to visit Mom 2 to 3 months out of the year. When I’m in town, I spend as much time as possible with her at Sundara. I feel like part of the family, getting to know the other residents and observing the consistent and loving care shown by the staff.

I know that Mom is in good hands and no longer need to worry when I’m not with her.

C. J.

I placed my beloved husband who is stepping into the last stage of Alzheimer’s at Sundara Senior Living for a respite as I traveled to see my family late July. Their care, kindness, and receptivity to my husband was priceless!

I highly recommend them and when the time comes to put him somewhere permanently, they will be my first call!

Janet Bres

My father joined the Sundara community a week ago. He is very happy there. He told my sister that they they treat him like royalty. It is a loving community where he gets the best care possible. The staff goes out of their way to ensure he has everything he needs to be well cared for both physically and emotionally.

Because he is their first diabetic resident, they are having all the med techs trained in how to perform blood sugar testing. I think that says a lot about their desire to provide the best care for each individual resident and their individual needs.

Now that I know my father is safe and is being well cared for, I get to go back to enjoying being his daughter, instead of his caregiver. I love my evening visits that we spend laughing and enjoying being with each other. The decision to move him was hard to make, but the right thing to do. Selecting Sundara Senior Living was the best decision I could have ever made for him.

Rebecca Martin

Sundara is the “one” dementia-supportive environment in town that I urge everyone of my clients to see and experience. From the small, home-like environment to the individualized Care each resident receives, Kelli and her staff have thought of everything. Her deep knowledge of the disease process coupled with her caring spirit, she gives every family the personal touch they need. I recommend this community as often as I can.

Sarah W.

I can’t say enough about Sundara! The facility is simply the best. The facility is open, clean, bright and open. But most important, Kelli has put together a staff second to none. Everyone, including Kelli, are engaging with the residents, caring, compassionate and respectful. They are all concerned about the well being of the residents.

Jerry V.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching this community being built from the ground up. I’ve also been able to watch first hand and see the care and concern that the owners have put into this community; down to the finest of details. Knowing that every little detail was carefully calculated in order for a loved one’s need really sets this community apart. The passion, drive and experience of the staff here really are second to none.

My career revolves around senior care. If you’re familiar with dementia or Alzheimer’s, it seems that a simple but overlooked concept is that people who have memory loss thrive in a smaller community setting. It breaks my heart when I walk into any community with a larger case load; to me the residents aren’t able to get the support that they require. Sundara’s design for a smaller, more intimate setting allows for a better quality of life with those diagnosed with memory loss. This is a great way for anyone’s family member to live out their life. Instead of being a number, they’re an actual member of a tiny family unit at Sundara.

Another thing that sets apart Sundara is it’s pricing. Sundara Senior Care does not believe in charging for different levels of care, and they don’t believe in any sort of add-on’s or up-charges. This is invaluable – fixed fee and all-inclusive pricing is an amazing benefit to this community. First hand, I know that it can be difficult to anticipate the costs associated with long-term care for a loved one and this is an absolutely amazing concept.

When it comes time to look at options for my own family, I will look no further than Sundara Senior Care. I am confident based on my observations and understanding of this community that it is the perfect option.

Mackenzie K.

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