We love to spoil our residents, but we simply call it personalized care.

The latest research in memory and dementia care touts the benefits of small environments. Keeping things simpler minimizes visual and aural overstimulation, disorientation from overly large spaces, and higher levels of agitation common to larger groups. Most importantly, our homes are comprised of only 14 apartments, which allows us to interact with our residents more consistently and naturally throughout the day. This smaller, more natural size results in a sense of security, stability, and support that is literally hand-crafted every single day by our owners and staff.

Care is in the Details

Authentic care is in the details, and for us, minding the details is all about connecting. At Sundara, you will find the owners, staff, residents, and families doing life together; smiling, laughing, grieving, celebrating and connecting.

  • Small Things Matter: It’s the little things that make up our lives, so we care about our residents’ preferences. Who prefers their hair braided or brushed, who likes to rise early or sleep late, and how they take their coffee and eggs all matter to us.
  • Families Matter: The best ideas come from a family approach, not a corporate one. So residents’ families are more than visitors, they are part of the process.
  • Stories Matter: Residents’ histories, stories, and their greatest and lowest moments matter.
  • Personal Touch Matters: We believe in the power of touch, where hugs become just a part of our natural routine. 

Bottom line...you need to experience our difference. Visit with our staff, meet with our owners, and hear from our residents’ families about their experience. You’ll notice a difference within the first two minutes.

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