Care is in the Details

We love to spoil our residents, but we simply call it caring.

The latest research in memory and dementia care touts the benefits of small environments. Smaller settings minimize visual and aural overstimulation, disorientation from overly large spaces, and higher levels of agitation that are common with larger facilities. Each of our homes is limited to 16 residents, which promotes a degree of familiarity and a sense of comfort, stability and security unmatched at larger communities.

Caring is What Matters

Sundara is all about the care, and for us, that means the small things. Like sharing and participating. On any given day, you will find the owners, staff, residents, and families sharing life together:  eating, laughing, celebrating and connecting. As for what matters at Sundara, it’s simple.

Small Things Matter: We believe it’s the little things that make up our lives, so we pay special attention to our residents’ preferences.  Like what they like to eat and when. Or their favorite shirt. We know who likes to nap and when, and what each of them likes to do.

Families Matter: We believe the best ideas come from a family approach, not corporate policies. So our residents’ families are more than visitors, they are part of the process.

Stories Matter: We believe in the power of stories. Specifically, those of our residents. Their histories, their greatest and fondest moments, define who they are.  At Sundara, we take the time to learn about our residents, not only to understand their pasts but to help chart their futures.

Touch Matters: We believe in the power of touch. At Sundara, hugs are just a part of our daily routine. 

What is a Memory Care Facility?