What Memory Care looks like at Sundara Senior Living

Aug 19, 2018 | Sundara Senior Living - Memory Care

Peace of mind and quality of care are two hallmarks that families search for while trying to decide which memory care facility may be the best fit for their loved one.   

Any type of dementia, like Alzheimer’s, affects a person’s ability to communicate, making It important for caregivers to be able to anticipate needs, while assuring families that your loved one is in good hands with people you can trust.

Sundara is a boutique memory care residence, whose mission is to provide quality care at a lower cost. Preview a day at Sundara below.

Hands on Personal Care

A day at Sundara is a day at home.  Your loved one will be assisted with their personal care, while still allowing them to care for themselves within their abilities to do so.  We aren’t a typical memory care facility, day to day is structured, yet flexible. The staff accommodates the resident’s needs and activities throughout the day, in an intimate environment designed to minimize stress and frustration that can often occur as the dementia progresses.

Comforting Cuisine

The flavors from home can trigger pleasant memories. Sundara provides family favorites and home style cooked meals to remind your loved one of home, which in turn, provides a degree of comfort and familiarity. Food and nutrition is vital to the resident’s quality of life.  Our menus are crafted with fresh produce and natural foods as a base to all meals, while taking into consideration individual food preferences. These are a few of the simple details that show the in-depth thought that went into creating Sundara.

Staff you can trust

At Sundara, we are dedicated to connecting our family with yours. We make an investment in our people at every level, recognizing that the best care starts with the best staff.  Sundara’s team is selected and trained through a selective process that encompasses life and specialized memory care skill sets. WIth ongoing education, we empower the growth and promotion of our staff to ensure a low turnover rate. This ensures smooth and consistent care for your loved one, while allowing the caregivers to develop a closer relationship with the residents.