Resident Feature – Marilyn Whitman

Feb 27, 2023 | Sundara Senior Living - Memory Care

Meet Marilyn Whitman

Sundara resident Marilyn Whitman has a zest for life and talent to match! Marilyn comes from a family of talented musicians. Her two sons, Jeff and Dave, have their own band and her granddaughter Audrey is a concert violinist studying Ethnomusicology at Harvard.

Marilyn has a creative spirit and loves to listen to jazz music. She is a free and independent spirit full of laughter and has lived in various cities in her life.

Marilyn eventually relocated to Texas and sometime later, Sundara became her new home! 

Marilyn is a New Year’s baby and her middle name is Joy. She is a joy indeed! 

Thank you Marilyn for sharing your musical talents with the residents of Sundara!

Marilyn recently delighted us with an impromptu concert, playing piano from memory.