Make a smooth transition to your new home with Sundara

Sep 14, 2018 | Sundara Senior Living - Memory Care

Making the transition from home to a memory care residence can be challenging for the new resident as well as the family. It is an emotional process for everyone involved and may take days and even weeks for your loved one to become comfortable with their new surroundings.

With over 80 years of experience, Sundara has crafted a smooth transition from home to residence.

Our highly trained staff starts connecting with the entire family even prior to move-in, providing you peace of mind that your loved one is in the hands of caregivers you can trust.

Sundara is a memory care residence that has simplified the transition to your new home with our accommodating approach. We do not enforce a strict schedule as some communities may do, and day to day life is geared as close as possible to resemble your loved ones prior home life. The staff is dedicated to providing the best care while helping your loved one feel comfortable in their new home.

At Sundara, we believe it starts with the design of our residence, we sought out the award-winning  Bommarito group to capture the comfort and functionality of home through their interior design efforts.  Along with Sundara’s unique architectural design, the goal is to focus on creating a more familiar home-like setting, which in turn may cause less disruption and even distress to your loved one.  

Sundara supports the privacy preference of your loved one by providing the options of a private vs a shared or semi-private room.  

We ensure an intimate environment by organizing each residence with no more than 16 residents per home, which may help ease confusion and even agitation during and after the transitional phase. It also allows the staff to easily provide any hands-on care, while getting to know someone’s routines and preferences.  Our goal at Sundara is to make you and your loved one feel cared for, comfortable and welcome.