Fun Activities for Your Loved One with Dementia in Round Rock and Austin, Texas

May 8, 2023 | Caregivers

Have you ever felt refreshed and less stressed after partaking in a fun activity? Sometimes, a change of scenery does us some much-needed good. Our loved ones with dementia especially benefit from getting out and doing things that are fun and away from the daily routine.

The Benefits of Activities for Individuals with Dementia

We feel the National Institute of Aging couldn’t have said it better:

“People with Alzheimer’s (e.g., dementia) have trouble deciding what to do each day, which could make them fearful and worried or quiet and withdrawn, or they may have trouble starting tasks. Remember, the person is not being lazy. He or she might need help organizing the day or doing an activity.”

Your loved one with dementia may lose their motivation, and they may show or feel less interest, enthusiasm, or concern with both daily and fun activities. These symptoms are common. About 50-70% of people with dementia have apathy, which is caused by damage to the frontal lobe of the brain. This area of the brain controls cognitive function, decision-making, problem-solving, as well as motivation, and the ability to plan or sequence actions.

By creating an encouraging environment and helping your loved one find joy in life, through activities, you can boost cognitive abilities, and help your person develop a renewed interest in daily life, as well as find pleasure in the things that they once loved.

Fun Activities for Your Loved One with Dementia

What are the best types of activities for people with dementia? They start with a foundation of a safe place and supervision from a caregiver—a close family member, friend, or facility staff if provided, or a caregiver.

With a touch of creativity, you can plan fun, and simple, activities for your loved one in any area that you live in.

The Alzheimer’s Association lists 50 Activities that are outdoor, indoor, personal, kitchen, and promote family traditions. Here are a few of the activity suggestions:

  • Take a walk
  • Garden
  • Birdwatch (or feed the birds)
  • Play catch or toss a ball
  • Go to the park
  • Set up a picnic (even on the lawn or in the backyard)

Activities in Round Rock, Texas

We are located in Round Rock, Texas. Summer is coming, and we are excited to share the nearby warm weather treats and activities that we have found for you!

Cold Treats

The Yogurt Experience – Frozen yogurt and other yummy cooling treats, such as gelato and sorbet.

200 University Blvd, Suite 230

Round Rock, TX 78665

(512) 291-7249

Andy’s Frozen Custard – Enjoy custard, shakes, and sundaes.

1700 E. Pam Valley Blvd. Ste. 800

Round Rock, TX 78664

(512) 687-2786

Find more Top Cold Treats at Round the Rock.

Outdoor Movies

Blue Starlite Urban Drive-In – “Keeping Austin funky and making memories under the stars”

Several Austin-area outdoor movie locations are currently open. Find out the locations and what is currently playing here.

4th of July Celebration and Frontier Days

Independence Day will be filled with numerous events in Round Rock!

Learn more about the event locations and times at the Round Rock, Texas website.

See the Bats Emerge

From March through November, you can see the bats emerge during the night. “They take to the night air in flight, traveling 60-plus miles per hour at 2-mile-high flight patterns.”

Learn more about the bat locations and times at Bats in Round Rock.

Round Rock Texas Parks

Parks are always an enjoyable way to create memories and to get outside, reset, and refresh with your loved one. Round Rock Texas has no shortage of great parks!

Learn more about summer park programs, special events, recreation centers, and park locations in Round Rock, Texas.

Find year-round activities in Round Rock, Texas: Activities for People with Dementia in Austin/Round Rock

Hydration Tip: Just a reminder that seniors are up to 30% more prone to develop dehydration, and your loved one with dementia may not be able to articulate when they are feeling the effects. Remember to find a place in the shade for your loved one to cool down and keep them well-hydrated. Learn more: 5 Ways to Make Sure Someone with Dementia Stays Hydrated in the Texas Heat.

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