Creating a Safe Home Environment for Someone with Dementia – Part 1

Jan 12, 2024 | Caregivers

Safety Takes on a Whole Different Meaning With Dementia

Your loved one’s level of safety in and around the home depends on several factors, like whether or not they’re still independent, can still drive and if they need someone to care for them 24/7.

Assessing the Outside Area of the Home for Potential Dangers

Creating a dementia-friendly environment starts with taking a look at the home through the eyes of someone with dementia.

  • Dementia can cause visual confusion or hallucinations. Are there steps that might confuse someone with dementia, resulting in a trip?
  • Is there a deck or raised porch that might do the same?
  • Are outdoor pools and hot tubs fenced in or otherwise off limits?
  • Are there low-to-the-ground items like a garden hose, decorative fencing or lighting fixtures? These can pose a tripping hazard
  • Do you keep gasoline, chemicals or other hazardous materials in a garage or shed? Are these materials easily accessible?
  • Where do you store your car keys? Are they easily accessible?
  • Does the house have a basement? How can you keep that area safe or off limits?
  • Is there a nearby road that can be reached easily? Without a fenced-in yard, your loved one may wander or even step out into dangerous traffic

To create a safer outdoor area for someone with dementia consider doing the following:

  • Mark steps with florescent or red tape or non-slip decals
  • Install handrails on steps where possible
  • Keep hoses and other clutter off the ground
  • Keep cleaning supplies, gasoline and other hazardous materials locked away
  • Keep car keys locked away
  • If possible, fence in the yard
  • Ensure all walkways and areas are well-lit – low lighting often triggers visual hallucinations

It’s OK to Ask for Help

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