5 Simple Apps That Can Help Dementia Patients

Sep 5, 2022 | Caregivers

Apps that challenge the brain and provide entertainment are no longer geared entirely towards the younger population. Many apps are available that seniors enjoy, and even better, there are a variety of simple apps on the market that can help your loved one who has dementia.

5 Simple Apps That Can Help Dementia Patients

Routines, as well as breaks and quiet time, are crucial for a caretaker who manages a dementia patient. Apps can be helpful tools when they are worked into the process.

Simple apps can tamper down stress, anxiety, and agitation common in a person who has dementia. Apps can also provide alternative activities that challenge and exercise the brain, which can help with cognitive abilities. Whether it be games or activities on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, apps can help with the prevention of boredom and can calm the mind.

Here are 5 simple apps, in no particular order, that can help dementia patients:

1. Lumosity

This is a popular app, downloaded by more than 100 million people. It may be just the tool you are looking for to help target your loved one’s cognitive skills. Through engaging games and exercises, study-backed Luminosity trains and may improve important brain abilities such as long and short-term memory, attention span, and problem-solving. Luminosity is geared towards all ages and skill levels, and the program adapts to a person’s unique strengths and weaknesses.

Luminosity offers a free training program, as well as an annual subscription.

Download: iOS and Android

2. My Reef 3D Aquarium

Keeping your loved one engaged and calm, especially during planned quiet times, comprises finding activities that are simple and soothing. My Reef 3D Aquarium is a tool that offers entertainment with effortless challenges. It involves a colorful virtual saltwater aquarium that the user can customize and interact with, or simply watch and relax while listening to calming music.

Download: iOS and Android

3. MindMate

This app was designed by three young people caring for individuals with cognitive decline. It was created specifically as a tool to help care for those with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Cognitive stimulation and physical exercise are top functions in managing dementia, and both are offered through MindMate’s mental exercises and physical routines. The app’s fun and interactive games are designed to challenge four key cognitive areas: problem-solving, speed, memory, and attention.

Download: iOS and Desktop/PC

4. Constant Therapy

Constant Therapy was created by a group of clinicians and scientists who passionately studied and performed clinical trials at Boston University to help individuals with numerous cognitive conditions, including dementia. The app is designed to deliver a personalized course of therapy that can help with cognitive abilities through evidence-based exercises that focus on functions such as reasoning, attention, memory, visual processing, and speaking. Constant Therapy can be a great way for caregivers to work routine and cognitive challenges into their loved one’s care program, as it is designed to be most effective when the exercises are completed in short timeframes for at least four days a week.

Constant Therapy Health offers a free trial app on their website, as well as a monthly subscription.

Download: iOS and Android

5. Let’s Create! Pottery

We all need ways to get away from it all and beat off the stress, and this especially holds true for our loved ones with dementia. Stress reduction helps to reduce negative symptoms, such as agitation, which improves the quality of life through enhanced emotional wellbeing. Outlets that bring out creativity are therapeutic and uplifting, and this is the overlying benefit of Let’s Create! Pottery. The app offers a variety of materials, colors, and designs that engage the user’s creativeness in a simple-to-use format, which has become a favorite app for dementia patients.

Users can download free and paid versions of the app. Paid versions offer additional designs and color combinations.

Download: iOS and Android

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