Apps that Are Beneficial for Individuals with Dementia

Jan 30, 2024 | Caregivers

Caregivers have been using technology to help care for individuals with dementia for years. Things like digital reminders, alarm clocks that display the current date and time in large numbers and automatic pill dispensers can be very helpful to both caregivers and their loved ones. And as technology advances, so do dementia caregiving solutions.

Using Apps To Help Care For Someone With Dementia

Smartphone and tablet apps like games, music apps and YouTube can all be used for entertainment, but they can do more than that.

For individuals with dementia, apps can:

  • Tamper down stress, anxiety and agitation
  • Promote cognitive health through activities that challenge and exercise the brain

Watch the video to learn more about these apps and what they offer.

5 Simple Apps That Can Help Individuals With Dementia

1. Luminosity

This research-backed app uses engaging games and exercises to maintain and potentially improve cognitive health. Luminosity is designed to help with long-term memory, short-term memory, attention span and problem-solving.

2. My Reef 3D Aquarium

This app involves a colorful virtual saltwater aquarium that users can customize and interact with, or simply watch and relax while listening to calming music. This app is great for keeping your loved one calm, engaged and entertained. When creating your caregiver routine, it’s important to include free time, a set time each day when both you and your loved one can simply relax and do things you enjoy.

3. MindMate

MindMate offers physical and mental exercise routines as well as interactive games that are designed to challenge four key cognitive areas: problem-solving, speed, memory and attention.

4. Constant Therapy

Constant Therapy delivers a personalized course of therapy that can help with cognitive abilities. The evidence-based exercises included with the app focus on functions such as reasoning, attention, memory, visual processing and speaking.

5. Let’s Create! Pottery

This game allows users to create virtual pieces of pottery with a variety of materials, colors and designs in a simple-to-use-format. Let’s Create! Pottery stimulates the user’s creativity, while also reducing stress and agitation.

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