Very simply, Memory Care is Assisted Living with an additional license for Memory Care. This additional license requires specialized training for all staff as it relates to the care of individuals with memory impairment. Regular Assisted Living focuses on the needs of residents that are more cognitively intact, may need some help with some ADLs, and it can provide a dynamic activities program and more socialization for the residents.

Special Considerations for Memory Care

Memory Care focuses on a routine schedule for the individual that encompasses ADLs with activities and socialization, understanding that the diagnosis of dementia is progressive and there may be behaviors that the staff is trained to manage.

The goal for memory care is to provide a safe environment that residents can negotiate, feel at home while helping to lower anxiety or agitation as the disease progresses. These communities can range from small, multi-bed homes to large, 90+ bed communities.

Memory Care is all we do…and we’re really good at it

Each staff member at Sundara, from the owners to the care staff, is specialized and trained to care for residents with cognitive impairments. Because Sundara is a smaller, intentionally designed layout in a more home-like environment, the transition to Memory Care is smoother, the relationships between the residents, staff and families are more cohesive and in-depth compared to a much larger community.