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Did you know that the majority of people aged 40 and over have done little to no planning for their golden years according to a recent Harvard Study. Help them prepare before they are unable to care for themselves. Our planning packet can help no matter which stage of life you are looking for:

  • Financial Planning & Paying for Long-Term Care
  • Caregiving at Home: Safety and Home Preparation
  • Choosing the Type of Care Community: Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Memory Care

Million Americans are caring for a loved one over the age of 50. (source)


Of older people who need long-term nursing or personal care rely fully on unpaid caregivers, usually their children or spouses. (source)

Billion dollars are spent annually for Long-term care expenditures in the U.S. (source)

According to a recent Harvard Study, the following are things that you need to sit down and discuss now with your parents or loved one.

Talk about it

Nearly 60% of older people who need long-term nursing or personal care rely fully on unpaid caregivers, usually their children or spouses. Make sure you and the extended family are prepared and everyone is in agreement about what will happen when a loved one becomes uncapable of caring for themselves. The fact is, you may need to be become a caregiver at some point so make sure you are all in agreement.

Age-In Place Plan

Although the price can be higher than average rent, an age in place community will allow your parent or loved one to go from a relatively independent life to a more dependent life while staying in the same community.

Create a Living Will

Make sure everyone knows what the wishes are of your parent or loved one with a living will. A living will specifically help if the individual becomes disabled or needs profound medical care or treatment. 

Long-Term Care Insurance

Fewer than 3% of American adults have purchased a long-term care insurance policy. If there is still time, insurance needs to be purchased before the age of 45-50. If purchased at or after 65 the chance of making a claim and receiving a payout is less than 45%

Save, Save, Save

If it is early enough, take the opportunity for everyone to build up their savings. Once you become a caregiver the financial strain can be high with 3 in 10 people saying have stopped saving (28 percent) and 1 in 4 have taken on more debt (23 percent)

Start Planning for Their Future

No matter the stage of planning you may be in, we would like to help. Download one of three resources and you will also receive bi-monthly caregiver and planning tips from Sundara Senior Living.

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