Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living is often the first thing people think of as they consider moving their loved one, but it may not be the best choice for someone is dealing with memory issues. 

Assisted Living Facilities are designed to provide assistance with all Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) while providing ongoing supervision if needed. ADLs can include bathing, transferring, mobility, dressing, eating, continence and toileting. Although medication assistance is not considered an ADL, it is often the primary reason a family would choose to seek out an Assisted Living community. In general, the Assisted Living environment allows seniors to live as independently as possible, in a highly social atmosphere, while having access to assistance with the ADL

Assisted Living for Memory Care?

Regular Assisted Living focuses on the needs of residents that are more cognitively intact, may need some help with some ADLs, and it can provide a dynamic activities program and more socialization for the residents.

For the person with memory issue, any move is challenging so you want to consider the best long-term effects. Moving a loved one with earlier stages of dementia into an Assisted Living community instead of dedicated memory care may result in a higher level of anxiety, frequent isolation, and greater confusion her. It may also lead to targeted negative verbal comments from other residents, leading to further ostracization. 

Because Assisted Living is not a secure environment, a resident with dementia may be able to leave at any time, leading to major safety concerns and danger for that person. Naturally, families should always consider the risks associated with this level of care supervision.

As dementia progresses, more care will be required and another move needed resulting in additional costs, and possibly more confusion due to another new environment.


Memory Care is all we do…and we’re really good at it

Our approach to care is predicated on engagement and routine and includes a continuous blend of innovative physical, cognitive, social, group and individual activities designed to provide structure to our residents to reduce anxiety, agitation, and disorientation.